"Stay Home Khed"
Some of Boston's busiest streets and what they looked like when COVID-19 told the city to stay home
Newbury St.
at the intersection of Clarendon St.
Brick buildings, modern-day storefronts, and constant avoidance of bumping into someone is what this part of Newbury St. consisted of. The only traffic that was barely occurring here was the traffic between bike riders.
Newbury St. (Above)
at the intersection of Fairfield St.
Vibrant and modern cafes that keep up with the high-end restaurants that bring a mix of low-income, high-income individuals making it a street that welcomes diversity. It was only the bold and those looking for fresh air that were welcomed during this time.
Newbury St. (Below)
in between Hereford St. & Commonwealth Ave.
Buy buy buy is how the brain runs as you meet the end of Newbury St. Closed closed closed is what the heart felt seeing where all the shops and stores stood during COVID.
Boylston St.
at the intersection of Dartmouth St.
Skyscrapers already feel lonely when there aren't so many around. They felt even lonelier in the city of Boston during the time we were all told to stay inside.
Boylston St. (Above)
at the intersection of Clarendon St.

Boylston St. (Below)
at the intersection of Clarendon St.

Dartmouth St.
in between Stuart St. & Columbus Ave.

Huntington Ave. (Above)
at the intersection of Belvidere St.

Huntington Ave. (Below)
Splash Fountain at Christian Science Center Plaza

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